Breville Concept Drawing

The Need

Breville sought to develop an eye-catching custom retail display to showcase their featured a selection of small appliances from their lineup. The primary goals of this endcap display project were to:

  • Effectively highlight both live and boxed products
  • Communicate product information
  • And ensure adaptability in height, while maintaining a consistent width and depth
Breville Concept

The Execution

When designing this custom endcap for Breville, the ImageWorks team worked to keep Breville’s primary goals at the forefront of the design:

  • Creating an endcap that accommodates both live product demonstrations and boxed merchandise.
  • Designing a versatile display with an adaptable height range of 64” to 84”.
  • Ensuring eye-catching product information without the use of lighting or power.
  • Maintaining a cohesive brand aesthetic

To align with Breville’s branding, the display incorporated black with bamboo rail highlights, white Acrylic logos, and sheet metal graphic side panels with printed inserts.  A key consideration ImageWorks accommodated for when designing the side panels was to ensure they didn’t conceal product from side-view. Ultimately, these panels not only served for aesthetic storytelling purposes, but also contributed to the display’s structural integrity.

Breville Store Display


The final custom retail display was produced in a quantity of 500 units for the national launch at Target stores. Prominent location allowed Breville to effectively showcase their products and capture the attention of shoppers.

Breville’s custom endcap display project successfully addressed the need to highlight featured and new product launches by accommodating live and boxed product such as espresso machines and compact smart ovens. The adaptable height feature allowed the unit to accommodate various back wall heights across different Target locations. The final design perfectly aligned with the brand’s specific style guide and clearly communicated product details. By executing the project as planned, Breville achieved its objectives for the national launch, contributing to increased brand visibility.

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