The Versatile Gondola System

The ultimate solution in present, and future, display versatility. Planniq™ Tech was developed to challenge the traditional retail gondola solution.

Integrated Power

Custom uprights allow for easy digital sign & lighting options while removing the need for unnecessary additional ties

Updated Framework. Existing Shelves

Sleek, durable framework accommodates a range of other manufacturer shelving.

Accepts LED & Digital Signage

Planniq™ Tech is available with options for digital and backlit header options.

Additional Features

Easy Planogramming

Shelf markers provide visual reference for easy POG resets.

LED Downlights Available

Highlight product and grab shopper attention with illuminated shelving.

E-tray Power Management

Planniq™ Tech endcap base deck contains power trays for optimum power management.

Variable Merchandising Options

Variety of shelf types and peg sizes for optimal product merchandising.

Versatile – Advanced – Scalable – Technology

Integrated electrical capabilities allow this system to truly shine as lighting, digital signage (and more) can be seamlessly incorporated. Patented channels eliminate the need for clips, ties, etc.

Constructed to be shelf-type agnostic, this fixture features interchangeable slotted standards that are customizable (Patent #: 11,737,586). This means you can implement Planniq™ Tech’s upgraded framework in your retail space while utilizing existing shelves from previous fixture solutions. Planniq™ Tech is a gondola solution designed to keep up with the vast possibilities that lie ahead for the future of retail.

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