Case Study


Custom Retail Display

The Need

Scandinavian, a well-established tobacco retailer, recognized the need to enhance the visibility of their premium cigar products in a highly competitive and cluttered tobacco back bar space. They wanted to create a dedicated display for their cigar boxes that would not only make them stand out but also accommodate two different flavor options in a single display unit.

The Execution

After evaluating the potential concepts, the ImageWorks team selected a design that incorporated a plastic display with the following key features:

  • Two-Flavor Compatibility: The display would be designed to accommodate two separate sections, each capable of holding a different cigar flavor option.
  • Adjustable Pricers: The display would feature adjustable pricers, allowing retailers to easily update pricing information as needed.
  • Visual Appeal: The design would be visually appealing and reflect the premium nature of Scandinavian’s cigars.

A prototype of the display was created for testing and feedback from the client was gathered and incorporated into the final design.


The final cigar display product met Scandinavian’s objectives by:

  • Enhanced their visibility in the competitive tobacco back bar space.
  • Incorporating two branded sections for different cigar flavors so customers can easily identify their preferred option.
  • Including adjustable pricers that provide flexibility in pricing strategies, enabling Scandinavian to adapt to market dynamics.

In conclusion, the creation of the Scandinavian cigar display was a successful project that not only improved product visibility but also elevated the brand’s presence in the tobacco back bar space. The collaboration between the ImageWorks team and the client resulted in a visually appealing and functional display that met the client’s objectives and exceeded customer expectations.

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