Xulta Impact

Tobacco Fixtures

1′ foot shelving

Seamless flow of shelves and signage

Simply reset products and signage, not your display

Xulta Classic

Tobacco Fixtures

Available in 2’, 3’, or 4’ Widths

High-quality construction

Quick installation

Planniq Tech

Center Store Fixtures

Integrated power for digital signage & lighting options

Accommodates a range of other manufacturer shelving

Time saving resets

Planniq Core

Center Store Fixtures

High quality, economical design

Simple installation – minimal tools required

Accessory compatibility with Planniq™ Tech system

Planniq Strong

High-Capacity Fixtures

Perfect for beer caves and bulk product

Clean sightlines

increased product capacity

Lockable Security Cabinets

Premium Security

Maximum Versatility

Easy Operation

Durable Beverage Displays

Multiple Beverage Formats

Simple Ship and Set

Manage an Evolving Market

What can we display for you?