Resets Made Easy

Tobacco Fixtures Designed For Continued Category Evolution

The ongoing evolution of the tobacco category means attention to space allocation is essential. With the majority of C-stores conducting full resets on their tobacco fixture systems several times annually, efficiency and accuracy are key.

Retailers nationwide are implementing the Xulta™ Impact display system and experiencing the benefits this tobacco fixture solution provides for their reset processes. Xulta™ Impact’s continuous and seamless frame design take the complexity out of resets and allow for complete backbar reconfiguration without touching the frame. This patented frame design is instrumental in eliminating store disruption, maximizing manufacturer retail programs, and merchandizing more product with less gaps and spaces found in other systems.

View the graphic below for a topline comparison of the Xulta™ Impact reset process VS the reset process of other systems:

Tobacco Fixture Resets Made Easy Comparison Graphic

Along with simplifying the reset process, the Xulta™ Impact system also offers benefits like:

Ultimate Versatility – One Foot Shelving; 1/2″ Adjustability

Innovative Frame System – Vertical Adjustability; 3″ Increments

Continuous Category Presentation – Perfect Alignment of Product & Signage

Display More Product – No Gaps or Spaces Between Sections

Approved – Highest Level Manufacturer Reimbursement Programs

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